BBB RaceRibbon Gel 3.5mm bar tape View full size

BBB RaceRibbon Gel 3.5mm bar tape

Reference: BHT-05

The BBB gel bar tape is comfortable and extra thick at 3.5mm instead of 2.5mm for most models.

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14,95 €

Features of the BBB RaceRibbon Gel 3.5mm bar tape :

  • High-end synthetic cork to absorb shocks and give a firm grip without the risk of slipping.
  • Unlike natural cork, synthetic cork has a consistent quality throughout its length, with no breaking points in heavy use.
  • Each roll is long enough to completely cover hangers of all sizes.
  • The stretchable material allows a good wrapping around the hanger.
  • Waterproof adhesive.
  • Made of synthetic cork


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