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Overstims PROTEIN BAR 4 bars Chocolate / Hazelnuts View full size

Overstims PROTEIN BAR 4 bars Chocolate / Hazelnuts

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The PROTEIN'BAR OVERSTIM.s protein bar provides you with protein (22%) for muscle recovery and regeneration and carbohydrates to replenish your energy.

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The PROTEIN'BAR OVERSTIM.s protein bar is very effective in recovery after training or a sporting event, but also during exercise. The OVERSTIM.s protein bar provides you with essential nutrients while satisfying your cravings. Discover a tasty bar with a soft texture with a delicious dark chocolate recipe, crunchy praline with roasted hazelnuts and a hint of honey for sweetness and smoothness!

Why consume the OVERSTIMS protein bar?

  • With its 22% protein and its BCAAs, the OVERSTIM.s protein bar is a very effective recovery snack after a sports session or a delicious healthy snack to fill up on protein and satisfy a little hunger during the day.
  • Thanks to its high quality proteins from milk, our protein bar optimizes your muscle regeneration after exercise.
  • Its carbohydrates with a moderate glycemic index will help you recharge your energy reserves.


When to consume a protein bar?

  • After a sports session: the post-workout snack is very important for muscle regeneration and recharging energy reserves. The OVERSTIM.s protein bar contains proteins and carbohydrates in ideal proportions to replenish energy and fully recover between two training sessions.
  • During exercise: with its energy intake (177 kcal / bar), our protein bar is a solid complement to OVERSTIM.s drinks during long-term efforts.
  • During sharpening periods: the OVERSTIM.s protein bar can also be consumed during sharpening periods in order to provide the nutrients necessary to maintain your muscle mass. Its protein intake and satiating side will help you limit snacking between meals.
  • As a healthy snack during the day: rather than falling for a sweet, prefer the OVERSTIM.s protein bar to fill up with good nutrients and stay full until the next meal!


The OVERSTIM.s protein bar combines efficiency and indulgence with quality ingredients and French manufacturing:

  • dark chocolate: for all chocolate fans
  • high-quality milk proteins: for an optimal protein supply
  • roasted hazelnut praline: for the crunchy and extra gourmet side
  • a pinch of honey


To guarantee you a “100% healthy” bar, it is:

  • without palm oil
  • without sweetener
  • Without colouring
  • without Conservative agent


Ingredients: rice syrup, dark chocolate 20% (cocoa paste, sugar, cocoa butter, milk fat (milk), emulsifier: soy lecithin, natural vanilla flavor), milk proteins (sunflower lecithin), fiber tapioca starch soluble, wheat protein, 5.6% praline (roasted hazelnuts, sugar), honey, sunflower oil, cocoa powder, flavouring. Made in a factory that uses: eggs, sesame.


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