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MILKIT TUBELESS CONVERSION KIT Syringe + valves 45 + rim tape 25 + Sealant 250ml View full size
MILKIT TUBELESS CONVERSION KIT Syringe + valves 45 + rim tape 25 + Sealant 250ml MILKIT TUBELESS CONVERSION KIT Syringe + valves 45 + rim tape 25 + Sealant 250ml MILKIT TUBELESS CONVERSION KIT Syringe + valves 45 + rim tape 25 + Sealant 250ml MILKIT TUBELESS CONVERSION KIT Syringe + valves 45 + rim tape 25 + Sealant 250ml

MILKIT TUBELESS CONVERSION KIT Syringe + valves 45 + rim tape 25 + Sealant 250ml

Reference: MKDK4525

The Syringe Kit + 45 valves + 25 rim tape + Preventive 250ml MILKIT is unique to convert your MTB or your road bike into tubeless tires.

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Features of the MILKIT TUBELESS CONVERSION KIT Syringe + valves 45 + rim tape 25 + Sealant 250ml :

  • Using the full milKit range ensures the most reliable puncture protection and that you get more time on your bike!

  • Everything you need to convert to tubeless
  • The simplest solution for tubeless set up and maintenance
  • Effective long lasting puncture protection
  • The milKit syringe and valve system means tires can be mounted dry and sealant added after, no mess and faster results!
  • MilKit valves do not clog like others, thanks to the smart rubber flaps
  • MilKit sealant is ammonia-free and therefore non-corrosive and environmentally friendly
  • MilKit sealant coats the tire evenly so is more effective and the microfibers seal larger holes
  • MilKit sealant stays liquid and does not decompose into lumps so remains effective longer
  • Engineered in Switzerland, and made in Germany



  • 1x milKit sealant bottle 250 ml / 8 oz
  • 1x milKit compact syringe system
  • 2x 45 mm milKit tubeless valves
  • 1x 10 m tubeless rim tape 25 mm
  • 1x additional needle for syringe filling
  • 1x valve core tool


How to use Milkit conversion kit : 

MilKit makes tubeless conversion a breeze! This is your one stop shop for converting your mountain bike or road bike to tubeless tires. Running a tubeless set up has many advantages: it is lighter, more resistant to pinch flats, has better traction and avoids ride stopping punctures from thorns and sharp stones. However, before milKit revolutionized tubeless mounting, getting your wheels set up was a long messy job. Checking sealant levels was equally tiresome, so many riders ran the risk of riding without sealant as checks meant more mess!

MilKit has made this easy:

  1. Install rim tape
  2. Install milKit valves and screw out the milKit valve core
  3. Pre-inflate your tire up to 22 psi (we recommend the milKit Booster) – the rubber valve flaps ensure no air is lost even without the valve core installed
  4. Measure out the correct amount of sealant and insert into pressurized tire using the syringe: mess-free!
  5. Screw the valve core back in and inflate the tire to full riding pressure – the tire now jumps onto the rim fully. You’re ready to ride!

Ongoing maintenance is also easy. With other tubeless tire systems you need to remove the tire to check if enough sealant remains, with milKit you can simply remove the valve core and insert the syringe to check. No mess and faster results!

The syringe holds 60ml or 2 oz of fluid and comes with a flexible connector and a large needle to push through the valve and rubber flaps. There’s also a sealant regulator that screws into the syringe for easy refilling. The needle has an angled end for effective removal of all sealant in the tire so you know exactly how much sealant is in there.

Rubber flaps at the bottom of the valve prevent sealant from filling and blocking the valve, as well as ensuring no air is lost when the core is removed.

MilKit sealant is thicker than others and always stays a consistent homogenous liquid. There is no need to shake it before use. In the tire, the milKit sealant does not decompose into rubber particles and an aqueous residue, but it dries evenly and slowly and therefore remains effective longer than comparable products.

milKit sealant’s microfibers give it a strong puncture sealing capability, with results for tears of up to 6mm. It covers the inside of the tire evenly, and adheres better to the tire wall than thin latex products, so the all-important microfibers are distributed optimally and ready to act as soon as you puncture.


The conversion kit contains everything you need to convert to tubeless:

  • MilKit valves with rubber flaps that ensure clean and easy setup and maintenance
  • MilKit compact syringe to measure and refill sealant through the milKit valves
  • MilKit tubeless sealant that stays effective longer and repairs bigger tears
  • Rim tape needed to convert your wheels to tubeless



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