GOBIK CX PRO OBSIDIAN and ABSOLUTE 4.9 K9 2021 women's cycling set

Discover the complete Gobik women's cycling outfit with the GOBIK CX Pro short-sleeved cycling jersey and the GOBIK ABSOLUTE 4.0 K9 women's bib shorts

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The GOBIK CX Pro OBSIDIAN short sleeve cycling jersey is ultra light, extremely breathable and adjusts like a second skin. Both the cut and the intelligently placed materials and seams provide best aerodynamics.

Features of the GOBIK CX Pro OBSIDIAN short sleeve cycling jersey :

  • Unisex jersey
  • Second skin effect, ultra-fitted cut, specific to cycling
  • Ultra-light, very breathable
  • Ideal for cyclists looking for performance
  • Combination of 4 different fabrics makes the Cx Pro very complete
  • Perfectly adjusted, designed to adopt an aggressive position on the bike and obtain maximum aerodynamic performance
  • Full front zipper
  • 3 back pockets
  • Elastic silicone waist
  • Range of use : 20ºC to 38ºC

The GOBIK Limited 3.0 women's bib shorts are complete bib shorts, both comfortable and breathable.

Features of the GOBIK ABSOLUTE 4.0 K9 women's bib shorts :

  • Shorts designed to offer professional performance in the longest and most demanding outings and competitions.
  • The new Absolute 4.0, is a high performance garment with excellent compression qualities and lightweight
  • Better fit and stability thanks to the new, more elastic and compressive straps.
  • Slightly offset on the inside to optimise the cyclist's ergonomics, in conjunction with the change of pattern and elastic strap.
  • This bib shorts Absolute 4.0 incorporates the new K9 chamois of exclusive design for Gobik de Elastic Interface® with E.I.T carbonium flash antistatic, ultra-breathable and anti-bacterial fabric thanks to the use of carbon threads.
  • In addition, its three different densities adapt perfectly to the female anatomy.
  • The lower left ribbon is finished off with an iridescent detail.
  • Range of use: 17ºC to 35ºC
  • Chamois: K9 with E.I.T carbonium flash fabric. Performance 8 hours


  • Yield: 8 hours
  • Thickness: 11 mm
  • Density: Triple 120-80-60 kg/m3
  • Foam: High Density
  • Composition: 76% polyamide, 21% elastane and 3% carbon
  • Fabric: E.I.T ECO CARBONIUM FLASH antistatic and bacteriostatic.
  • Developed by the Italian manufacturer ELASTIC INTERFACE exclusively for Gobik, the new K9 women's chamois version 3.0.Wide and flat area specifically developed for the female anatomy.
  • Maximum protection at the highest pressure points, combined with minimum filler thickness. Technological and ecological high quality polyamide fabric with carbon yarn for natural antistatic and bacteriostatic properties. Two-tier structure offering unparalleled smoothness, along with impeccable sweat control.

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