Pack of 5 MICHELIN Latex tire tubes 700x23 42 mm View full size

Pack of 5 MICHELIN Latex tire tubes 700x23 42 mm

Pack of 5 Michelin AIRCOMP Latex inner tubes (700x22/23C) with 42 mm Presta valve.

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The Michelin AIRCOMP Latex inner tube 700x22/23C with 42 mm valve is a inner tube for motivated practitioners. The latex is a porous material, the control of the inflation pressure is required before each cycling way out.

Technical characteristics of the pack of 5 Michelin AIRCOMP Latex inner tubes 700x22/23C with Presta 42 mm valve :

  • The natural elasticity of latex responds to all requests
  • Carefully check the pressure regularly
  • Take great care in mounting your tubes
  • Do not forget to check rims, sources of many punctures
  • Presta valve : 42 mm
  • Strong puncture resistance and impact
  • Weight : 79 gr
  • Includes 5 inner tubes


Refer back to the manual of the Michelin inner tube


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