GOBIK ATTITUDE and GRAVITY K12 men's cycling outfit 2021

Discover the complete GOBIK cycling outfit with the Attitute GOBIK short-sleeved jersey and the GOBIK GRAVITY K12 men's bib shorts

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The ultra-light GOBIK Attitude short-sleeve cycling jersey designed for the road, where aerodynamics and lightness are essential.

Features of the GOBIK Attitude men's short sleeve jersey :

  • The sleeves have been made in texture to attack the wind more effectively.
  • Its minimal panels and seams make it even lighter and more aerodynamic.
  • In the rear part, it includes three reinforced pockets and an inside pocket with zipper, in addition to the innovative patented GRS GobikRetention System.
  • GRS will take care of your most valuable assets by providing you with additional security.
  • Finally, its invisible front zipper reduces weight and improves the aesthetics of the Jersey.
  • Its high aerodynamic performance, as well as its ultra-tight fit and great breathability make it the ideal garment for high competition.

A new force modeled with simplicity, turned by minimalism and built in terms of fit and breathability, the GOBIK GRAVITY K12 men's bib shorts 2021.

Features of the GOBIK GRAVITY K12 men's bib shorts 2021 :

  • Properties: Ultra light: Compressibility
  • Range of use: 17ºC to 35ºC
  • Chamois: K12 carbon (2020)
  • The lightness and the total compression of the product are the same. This is the new GRAVITY from Gobik. Based on a four-way stretch lycra, light and adaptable to the body in four directions, for a final degree of compression equivalent to that of a heavier lycra whose total weight is less than 160grs (size M). Precise fit at the waist and new elastic straps, providing support and even weight distribution. And finally, the K12 Carbon (2020) chamois by Elastic Interface, bacteriostatic and extremely flat. A lightweight piece with variable density to firmly adapt to your anatomy and the most demanding travel conditions. Recommended for long journeys on road or mountain bike.
  • CHAMOIS K12 CARBON (2020)
  • 8 hour performance
  • Thickness 11 mm
  • Double density 120-80 kg / m3
  • E.I.T. foam high density
  • Eco-Carbonium flash fabric, multidirectional curvature.
  • Chamois with an extremely flat surface, smooth skin contact. Central channel designed specifically for the male anatomy, improving blood flow and reducing pressure. Innovative foam with extreme permeability and breathability. The elastic memory of the very high density inserts determines a great capacity for material recovery, ensuring maximum comfort during very long journeys

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