Gorgeous cycling shorts and jersey set from the Team Pro collection with exceptional value for money. Björka dresses you from head to toe with these high-end shorts and swimsuits. Gloves and socks offered!

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The Bjorka Team Pro short-sleeved cycling jersey is highly breathable thanks to its high-tech VAS (Ventilation Alveol System) fabric which evacuates wet vapors from the body; keeps you cool and dry.

Features of the BJORKA Team Pro 2021 short sleeve jersey :

  • Anti-perspiration

  • Limits Bacteria
  • Back pocket and Anatomical Design
  • Soft seams reduce friction and facilitate movement for more comfort
  • Quick drying with ventilation and moisture-wicking absorbent material.
  • Size: from M to 3XL
  • Note : Be careful, Bjorka clothes are small (Bjorka size chart)

Ultimate comfort and durability were the origins of the process of creating the Bjorka Premium 2021 Shorts.

Features of the BJORKA Premium 2021 bib shorts :

  • Extremely stretchy fabric combined with fitted 3D suspenders and a wide elastic band on the legs provide a fit that conforms to the body, to eliminate pressure points and turn long days on the bike into a truly incredible experience.

  • The Premium shorts are equipped with Björka Ikon chamois, composed of a Sat Shok Absorption Technology system, a high density sorbothane insert that provides shock absorption. With a smooth area close to the body, 3D shaping and excellent anti-vibration properties, Ikon skin ensures superior comfort whatever the conditions.
  • Composition: 72% Polyester / 28% Elastane
  • Note : Be careful, Bjorka clothes are small (Bjorka size chart)


Ikon Björka skin

  • Lycra bands around the thighs with silicone point for a flexible and pleasant support
  • Ventilated and breathable polypropylene shoulder straps
  • Washing conditions: machine at 30 ° (no dryer or ironing)

The ultimate comfort and breathability of Bjorka Team socks thanks to the technical fabric (Q-Skin) that keeps the foot dry.

Features of the BJORKA TEAM 2021 black / yellow summer cycling socks :

  • 12 cm rod

  • Q-Skin socks for maximum comfort
  • Elimination of odors and perspiration
  • Efficiency, breathability, freshness and comfort. Q-Skin Is the fiber that takes care of your skin.
  • Its innovative technology helps maintain the natural balance of the skin by preventing body odor.

Thanks to their dual-density foam reinforcement, Bjorka ISOARD gloves are specially designed to provide you with unparalleled comfort during all your cycling outings.

Features of the BJORKA ISOARD 2021 summer cycling gloves :

  • Elastic cuffs without velcro for your comfort and a pleasant support.

  • Print on the inside of the silicone hand for excellent grip.
  • Bi-density foam reinforcement for absolute comfort.
  • Composition: 45% Calrino / 40% Nylon Mesh / 10% Lycra / 5% Miscellaneous
  • Bjorka gloves size chart

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