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OZONE Endurance Protect Cream

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Your buttocks are highly protected with OZONE Endurance Protect Cream. It prevents skin irritations and reduces muscle soreness while keeping a pleasant feeling of freshness.

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Features of the ELITE OZONE Endurance Protect Cream :

  • Chamois Creme with zinc oxide and calendula oil to prevent and treat skin irritations
  • Blend of Calenduala oil and alpha-bisabolol provides soothing, softening action
  • Arnica extract relieves muscle pain due to its anti-inflammatory action
  • It reduces friction and prevents bacterial infections on your skin
  • Pleasant sensation of freshness due to the presence of menthol active and peppermint oils
  • Apply to chamois before riding
  • 150ml jar
  • Special for: cycling, athletics, equestrian sports


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