URBAN IKI Brown/Black baby rear seat with MIK HD system View full size

URBAN IKI Brown/Black baby rear seat with MIK HD system

Reference: UIS60 /221087

Discover the Urban Iki rear baby carrier with MIK HD system. Only for bikes with MIK HD luggage rack

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The Urban Iki standard mounting plate can also be used on a bicycle with a MIK HD luggage rack. However, if you want to add your Urban Iki rear seat to your other MIK accessories, the Urban Iki baby carrier with pre-assembled MIK HD adapter plate is perfect for you.

This way your seat no longer needs a mounting frame and you can snap it directly onto your MIK HD bracket. The Urban Iki MIK HD baby carrier has been tested and approved by TÜV, ensuring maximum safety for our little adventurers.

You easily click your Urban Iki MIK HD baby carrier on your bike with the MIK HD bike carrier. Thanks to the pre-assembled MIK HD adapter plate, you no longer need additional mounting hardware! The Urban Iki MIK HD rear baby carrier can only be clicked on bikes equipped with a MIK HD carrier. The Urban Iki MIK HD rear baby carrier meets the EN14344 standard and is TÜV approved.

The beautiful and slim curves make the seat light. Because the secure 5-point buckle not only covers the chest but also the legs, there is no way to escape! The buckle can be folded back so that your child can sit on the chair. Once the child is seated, the left and right parts of the belt can be snapped into the buckle separately from each other. This means you always have a free hand to keep your bike under control.

Features of the URBAN IKI baby rear seat with MIK HD system :

  • 9 months to 6 years (22 kg)
  • Can be clicked directly in MIK HD media
  • Attention : not for standard MIK media
  • No additional mounting hardware needed
  • Light and comfortable
  • Safe and easy to use 5 point buckle
  • Easy to change for other MIK accessories
  • Integrated lock against theft
  • TÜV certification (European safety standards)


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