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SIS Go Energy drink (1.6kg)

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SIS Go Energy Drink Powder contains carbohydrates to replenish energy before and during training and racing.

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For carbohydrate loading, longer workouts or fast re-fuelling

Features of the SIS Go Energy powder :

  • Carbohydrate energy drink mix with sweetener
  • SiS GO Energy is versatile enough to mix at high energy concentrations, to give you lots of energy per mouthful
  • Capacity : 1.6 kg
  • Flavours : orange, lemon
  • Prepare: use to take on board low bulk carbohydrate for carbo-loading and boosting the carbohydrate in pre-exercise meals
  • Perform : use during exercise to energize your performance or to re-fuel hungry muscles
  • SiS GO Energy can be used immediately after exercise to re-fuel


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