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ASSOS rS.sturmPrinz EVO rain jacket

Reference: 13.32.327.12

The ASSOS rS.sturmPrinz EVO is a competition-specific, high performance rainShell jacket, developed to give strong rain protection, without reducing breathability.

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In cold winter riding conditions it can also be used as a heavy-duty insulating shell, when worn over a jersey or jacket.

Features of the ASSOS rS.sturmPrinz EVO rain jacket :

  • Unisex waterproof insulating shell offering an unmatched balance between protection in heavy rain and body temperature regulation
  • Features 25 pattern pieces, 7 different textiles and 13 components
  • Ergonomically pre-shaped to fit your body in the cycling position
  • Ventilated upper rear panel
  • Macroporous side airVent mapping for efficient cooling and evaporation
  • Pocket Slots for quick access
  • UV protection
  • Taped seams
  • Reflective zippers
  • Low volume
  • Composition: 62% Polyamide, 18% Polyurethane, 13% Elastane, 7% Polytetrafluorethylene
  • Colors : black, red


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