ROTOR QXL 110 mm Aero outer chainring View full size

ROTOR QXL 110 mm Aero outer chainring

The new ROTOR QXL is a Q-Ring with increased ovalization. They have a similar shape to standard QRings, ensuring exceptional drivetrain stability.

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QXL rings do not replace standard Q-Rings, rather complement them as each is optimized for different rider profiles and situations.

The QXL rings are designed more for a type of rider rather than a specific cycling discipline. QXL chainrings are most noticeable when riding in conditions of high power delivery and consistent maximum (peak) effort, like time trials, sprints, breakaways, ...

“Powerful” riders with larger muscle mass that produce a higher peak and average power output typically prefer QXL rings. For example, sprinters tend to have predominantly fast twitch muscle build. This makes an increased degree of optimal ovality because these riders benefit from the decreased negative work offered by the enlarged ovality.

Features of the ROTOR QXL 110 mm Aero outer chainring :

  • Weight : 210 g (53/38t)
  • Sizes : 53 / 38t
  • 100% CnC, Aluminium 7075 T6
  • Steel change pins
  • 5 regulation OCP Points
  • The OCP (Optimum Chainring Position) of the Q-Ring allows you to pedal comfortably in all cycling positions
  • 10 / 11 speed
  • Color : black

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