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X-BIONIC Effektor Triathlon Power Suit 2014

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The Effektor™ Triathlon Power Suit Short by X-BIONIC ensures more energy, endurance and performance in a triathlon.

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Made especially for use in mid-to high-temperature ranges, the shorts use ground-breaking X-BIONIC® Partial Kompression. This takes advantage of the benefits of compression without neglecting the need for cooling. Thus, blood flow to the legs is optimised and the burden on the circulatory system relieved.

Features of the X-BIONIC Effektor Triathlon Power Suit 2014 :

  • 3D-BionicSphere® System in the chest area cools down the body temperature.
  • ISO-Pad™ enables targeted insulation of individual body parts from a cold environment to protect the body from freezing in winter
  • InsulationPads™ on the upper thigh shaped like waves, their protection lies over a large surface of the most superficial thigh muscle, thereby retaining the necessary heat next to the body to maintain muscle performance
  • The wavelike structure of the ISO-Shoulder™ lies over the shoulders, keeping the body warm and guarding against chills
  • X-BIONIC® Partial Kompression utilises the advantages of compression without neglecting cooling
  • SweatTraps®: sweat is wicked away so it can evaporate using heat dynamics
  • Optimal heat dissipation
  • 3D-BionicSphere® System on the back guarantees effective ventilation so moisture is quickly wicked and transported away
  • Precision Bike Pad : innovative pad with breathable, cushioning lining
  • Material of the suit : 79% polyamide, 12% polypropylene, 9% elastane
  • Seat pad : 50% polyester, 39% polyamide, 11% elastane
  • Color : black/yellow

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